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Seattle Aquarium

Seattle, United States

Founded: May 20, 1977
Annual visitors: 836,720 (2009)
Volume of largest tank: 400,000 gallons (1,500,000 l)

What are some species that call the Seattle Aquarium home?

The Seattle Aquarium is home to tufted puffins, harbor seals, wolf eels, giant pacific octopus, and more!

What are the main exhibits?

The Seattle Aquarium has many exhibits, including Life on the Edge, Underwater Dome, Window on Washington Waters, and more!

What are the conservation efforts carried out by the Seattle Aquarium?

The Seattle Aquarium has participated in conservation efforts collaborating with indigenous people, government, and companies. The Seattle Aquarium cofounded ReShark, a conservation coalition aiding in the recovery of zebra sharks in Indonesia.

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