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Animal Care Supervisor

Miami Seaquarium
Miami, United States Posted: February 25 2023

The primary role of the Animal Care Supervisor is to create a supportive team environment where the staff can excel beyond expectations in providing world class animal care, superior guest experiences and inspiration to conserve the natural world. The Animal Care Supervisor is accountable for the staff meeting the highest standards in all aspects of the operation. Through teaching, coaching and demonstrating the best industry practices and professional behavior, the Animal Care Supervisor sets the example as a modern animal care professional.

Roles & Responsibilities
The daily functions of the Animal Care Supervisor include but are not limited to the following:

  • Create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for animals and staff
  • Responsible for department upkeep including, the keeper teams facilities, animal procedures, show/experience value, staff appearance, staff schedules, payroll, and purchasing
  • Maintain department and animal facilities in compliance with government and industry standards
  • Maintain annual operating budget while overseeing the purchasing of inventory
  • Ensure the highest standard of guest service is being met by the staff by teaching the skills of  anticípating guest needs, providing friendly and professional communications and correct information.
  • Observe and participate in presentations and shows to determine if updates or changes should be implemented, while ensuring the current standard is maintained.
  • Create and implement new experiences, encounters and shows. 
  • Responsible for proper staffing of animal/work areas through effective scheduling
  • Delegate appropriate responsibilities as needed
  • Coordinate the scheduling of shows and presentations with park operations as needed
  • Communicate all concerning events to the appropriate personnel in a timely manner (e.g., curator, veterinarian, park ops, etc..) 


  • Responsible and accountable for  teaching and ensuring the staff  comply with standards for  daily husbandry tasks, including; food preparation, disinfection procedures, vitamin administration, record keeping, hábitat maintenance, wáter quality and animal observation
  • Teach staff to identify all animals and observe any possible abnormalities making sure the animals are being observed routinely
  • Ensure compliance of all standards in exhibit maintenance, animal care and welfare and backstage cleanliness
  • Ensure that new animals are properly quarantined and acclimated to exhibits with as little stress as possible
  • Coordinate the acquisition / disposition of animals for the collection
  • Coordinate, teach and participate in all aspects of animal rehabilitation (Manatees & Sea Turtles)
  • Coordinate and lead animal moves and transports within and outside of the park
  • Responsible for the implementation of behavioral training for animals in the department
  • Coordinate and participate in veterinary procedures while teaching staff the protocols for supporting the veterinarian team during procedures


  • Demonstrate exemplary professional behavior at all times being a role model for all others to emulate 
  • Maintain physical fitness to allow participation in all aspects of the operation
  • Create ample time for and perform personal one on one meetings with all staff at routine and appropriate intervals to give feedback on performance and goal setting
  • Responsible for creating clear expectations and a system of accountability for all department tasks, objectives and projects
  • Routinely review and adjust department operating system to ensure that all operations each day are completed properly with minimal overtime
  • Responsible for maintaining a positive work environment by ensuring all communications are respectful, encouraging, solution based and courteous
  • Continue to expand knowledge and abilities of staff in all aspects of park procedures, animals and training
  • Develop staff skill set through formal and informal discussions, providing reference material and direct feedback in all aspects of the animal care department operation
  • Facilitate and oversee the onboarding of new staff
  • Provide staff with tools necessary to accomplish department goals
  • Work closely with senior staff members to develop their informal leadership skills and advanced husbandry skills
  • Interview and make recommendations for staff adjustments
  • Responsible for the coordination and preparation of reviews of department employees and teaching senior trainers performance evaluation skills
  • Provide open and professional communication between management and all members of the department, making them aware of all daily priorities and changes
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of  both concept and design of animal care department presentations in coordination with Aquatics leadership
  • Be the contact person for all departments in Aquatics as needed

Experience Required

Minimum Qualifications: Education and Certifications Education: Must possess a bachelors or associates degree, or equivalent animal keeping experience. Experience: Minimum of 8 years as a keeper at an accredited zoological facility with at least 2 in a leadership role. Experience with a variety of Avian species is preferred. Experience with Manatee / Sea Turtle Rehabilitation preferred. Other: SCUBA and CPR certifications are preferred.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit their resume to the Animal Care Manager:  Julie Heyde