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New England Aquarium
Boston, United States Posted: September 05 2023

The New England Aquarium is seeking an Aquarist to serve in a 'bridge' or cross-team position working at both the Aquarium in Boston and at our offsite Animal Care Center located in Quincy, MA. The Aquarist will work primarily with two different teams: the Quincy Fishes Team, whose main roles are to conduct quarantines and provide husbandry care for animals in holding; and the Giant Ocean Tank team, which provides care to a 200,000 gallon Caribbean reef exhibit.

The ideal candidate for this position will have experience working with a range of aquatic organisms and exhibits within an aquarium setting. They will have a proven record of being able to collaborate with peers and colleagues from varying departments and at various levels of an organization. This candidate must be able to handle multiple and varied assignments. This role requires flexibility while working within different departmental teams and effective communication with both coworkers and managers.

This is a full-time regular position offering a comprehensive benefits package. The schedule will be Friday - Tuesday, 8am - 5pm.

Essential Functions
  • Provides daily care of assigned exhibits, holding systems, support spaces, and life support systems according to the standards set forth by NEAQ as well as AZA. May help to develop new protocols as appropriate and apply knowledge of aquatic ecosystems and animal biology to advance husbandry techniques of as appropriate.
  • Makes daily observations of animals for health assessment according to established norms of animal's behavior and appearance. In conjunction with the Animal Health Department, learns to identify common diseases for the animals within the collection. Helps to establish appropriate dietary regime, administers medications and supplements as directed.
  • Maintains written and electronic records and submits entries via NEAQ's specimen database system TRACKSĀ©. Typical entries include accessions, dispositions, moves, behaviors, mortalities, and LSS maintenance in accordance with proper husbandry practices and institutional policy.
  • In conjunction with the Environmental Quality Department and under the direction of the Area Manager, monitors environmental quality of holding tanks, life support systems, and makeup water using chemical, electronic, microbiological and electrochemical methods in compliance with Aquarium, local, state, and federal policies and regulations. Monitors discharge water in compliance with DEP/EPA regulations. Records and analyzes data on environmental quality and distributes to appropriate Animal Care and Campus Operations staff
  • Performs routine Animal Welfare assessments and under the direction of the Area Manager, helps to develop appropriate action responses to assure the highest standards of animal care are met.
  • In conjunction with the Environmental Quality Department and under the direction of the Area Manager, manages water quality and environmental parameters in assigned exhibits and holding tanks.
  • Applies responsible population management practices in assisting with making recommendations during the annual collection planning exercise, in addition to helping facilitate acquisition and disposition of animals.
  • Assists with developing, executing and adjusting strategies to effectively meet the behavioral needs of assigned animals including enrichment and operant conditioning.
  • Manages life support systems and participates in the design, upgrade, and installation of such systems.
  • Must demonstrate competency as a SCUBA diver.
  • Provides alternate coverage for other aquarists and is available for cross-training as assigned.
  • Depending on assignment, may be routinely expected to engage with the public through in person or virtual presentations.
QUALIFICATIONS Minimum Training and Experience
  • Bachelor's degree with a concentration in science preferred.
  • 6 months of related experience required.
  • Internationally recognized Open Water SCUBA diving certification required.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively and to learn quickly.
  • Husbandry and/or research experience with marine animals.
  • Experience with carpentry and plumbing is a plus.
  • Advanced, Rescue Diver SCUBA certifications preferred.
  • Ability to obtain Medical Examiner's authorization to SCUBA dive in accordance with NEAq Diving Program.
  • Valid Driver's License and the willingness to drive a 24' Box Truck.
  • Ability to obtain Medical Examiner's Certificate in accordance with Motor Carrier Safety Regulation (49 CFR 391.41-391.49)
  • Applicants must have a clean driving record.

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