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Greater Cleveland Aquarium
Cleveland, United States Posted: June 28, 2024

Aquarist will provide animal husbandry care and maintenance for fresh/saltwater fishes, inverts and plants, any other animals and their environments within the responsibilities of the aquarium. These duties include but are not limited to the following: regular scuba diving, preparation of animal diets, feeding, cleaning of animal environments, animal handling and transfers, observe animals for injuries, disease, and will administer treatment with the guidance of the veterinarian and curator, documenting unusual behavior etc.

  • Maintain exhibit aesthetics, maintenance and cleaning of all work areas,
  • Ensures the maintenance of life support systems (pumps, water lines, filtration equipment, lights, etc.), maintains appropriate environmental conditions, performs all aspects of water quality testing and record data ,
  • Assists in the implementation of the pest control program;
  • Assists veterinarian and technician in animal procedures, collection of research data and the preparation of all reports and records,
  • Performs maintenance and proper care of all departmental equipment,
  • Participates in animal collections, performs all work in accordance with wildlife regulations, and assists any supervisory personnel in exhibit preparation. 
  • May be asked to participate in educational programs (tours, lectures, educational presentations, media spots) as requested. 
  • Interact with public and all other departments as requested, give direction as needed and polices the grounds. 
  • Attends professional conferences and prepare and deliver professional papers or articles. 
  • Attends job training as determined by company (seminars, workshops, etc.). 
  • Directs the work of interns and volunteers.
  • Visitor interaction is expected while performing regular duties.  Participation in zoo functions is expected.  Participation in educational trade classes is expected. 
  • Conducts tours, provides class instruction or assists with instruction of a class, group or individual as directed.
  • Other duties as assigned and directed.
  • This position must have a bachelors’ degree in marine science, biology, chemistry, or related field and 2 years professional experience working in a public aquarium; or an associate’s degree in the related sciences and 3 years of professional aquarium experience. 
  • In lieu of either degree, an additional 2 years of experience may be substituted to equal a total of 5 years of Aquarium experience. 
  • Experience related to the area that the position will be assigned will take priority. Must maintain a valid PA driver’s license and show proof on an annual basis.

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