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Associate Veterinarian

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo And Aquarium
Omaha, United States Posted: May 18, 2023

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is seeking a well-qualified candidate for the position of Associate Veterinarian. The Associate Veterinarian will assist in managing all aspects of medical care and health management for a very large and diverse collection of more than 1465 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates. This position involves work at two separately accredited AZA facilities; Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium and the Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari, a drive-thru park located approximately 30 miles west of Omaha. Preferred candidates will have substantial experience in the veterinary care of a broad taxonomic group of exotic animals as well as excellent communication, interpersonal, and teamwork skills. This position reports directly to the Director of Animal Health.

Duties and Responsibilities (include but not limited to):
  • Work with animal care staff and veterinary team to provide excellent preventive, routine and emergency medical care to all of the Zoo, Aquarium, and Safari Park animals.
  • Support Animal Health department engagement initiatives and maintain a positive workplace culture.
  • Implement and follow animal health policies, procedures, and protocols to ensure industry best practices and team safety.
  • Assists with ensuring veterinary compliance with regulatory, licensing and accreditation standards, including but not limited to USDA-APHIS, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), NE Department of Health and Human Services, NE Department of Agriculture and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).
  • Work collaboratively with Animal Care professionals to implement animal health programing into daily husbandry practices, as needed.
  • Assist in managing animal transactions, including coordination with other institutions and state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Prepare reports and presentations for publication or delivery at both professional and public forums.
  • Maintain accurate, timely medical records in accordance with established protocols.
  • Communicate and collaborate with colleagues and local veterinary and medical specialists on clinical cases as needed.
  • Keep current on the latest techniques and literature in the field of wildlife and general veterinary medicine to ensure staff meet and exceed the standard of care for the animal collection.
  • Perform gross necropsies and collect samples for histopathology, prepare necropsy reports, and formulate recommendations for preventive measures.
  • Support the Zoo’s conservation programs and other research efforts by collecting samples and by gathering and submitting data as directed.
  • Conduct or participate in in situ and ex situ research projects involving the health, husbandry, breeding, welfare, and/or conservation of both captive and wild populations of animals where applicable.
  • Provide guidance and mentorship for visiting veterinary students, technicians, and interns, as needed.
  • Serve on internal animal committees (training, enrichment, animal welfare, etc.) and serve as liaison to other departments as needed.
  • Perform other duties as needed to ensure the care of the animals in the collection, the smooth functioning of the department, and/ or the reputation of the zoo as directed by the Director of Animal Health.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • A Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (or VMD) from an AVMA-accredited school of veterinary medicine (or equivalent) is required.
  • Board certification as a specialist in the American College of Zoological Medicine (or equivalent) is desired.
  • Must possess or be able to obtain veterinary licensure in the state of Nebraska by time of starting employment.
  • Ability to obtain USDA category II accreditation in the state of Nebraska along with TB testing ability within 3 months of employment start date.
  • Must have a minimum of 3 years of experience (or equivalent) as a veterinarian in a zoological institution.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of established principles and best practices of Zoo and aquarium animal medicine, including safety, animal restraint, dangerous drug administration, record keeping and observation skills.
  • Able to work in a team environment with animal care staff and other departments and foster trust-based relationships.
  • Communication skills sufficient to convey complex biological and scientific concepts to a diverse and varied audiences and bring action to support an initiative or program.
  • Knowledge of state and federal laws, regulations and guidelines relating to the application of veterinary medicine in zoological parks and related programs.
  • Must possess high emotional intelligence, and situational awareness.
  • Strong Computer skills, including Microsoft Office, preferred.
  • Must possess or be able to obtain a valid state driver’s license.
  • Proof of negative TB Screening and up to date Rabies vaccination.
  • Candidates might be (depending on position) required to pass a pre-employment background check, drug test, negative skin tuberculosis test, and possess a valid driver’s license with a good history.
Physical Demands:
  • Will lift, push, pull, and/or move up to 50 pounds and occasionally up to 75 pounds using safe and proper lifting methods.
  • Ability to frequently bend, stoop, crouch, kneel, reach upward, twist, and have good lateral movement
  • Ability to perform large amount of walking and walk up and down stairs
  • Ability to perform tasks requiring heavy use of arms, wrists, and exertion of upper body, arms, and hands to perform duties
  • Ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions year round sometimes on uneven terrain
  • Ability to work with animals with potential zoonotic disease
  • Able to work with narcotics for use in animal immobilizations as well as pain control which can be life-threatening to humans
  • Willing to work a flexible schedule to include weekends, holidays and evening hours an in all weather conditions
  • Must be able to be on call as necessary
  • Will lift, push, pull, and/or move up to 50 pounds and occasionally up to 75 pounds using safe and proper lifting methods.

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