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Curator of Fishes, Herps, and Invertebrates

Downtown Aquarium Houston
Houston, United States Posted: May 23, 2023

Professional Animal Care
  • Manage and schedule the daily activities within the aquarist section.
  • Plan and direct acquisition, display, care and breeding of the animal collection.
  • Identify animal health problems and coordinate care and treatment with veterinarian.
  • Oversee all animal necropsies.
  • Manage and coordinate collecting trips.
  • Coordinate staff meetings and attend problem-solving meetings.
  • Write reports and memos and serve as liaison to other departments on husbandry matters.
  • Perform public relations functions associated with the department.
  • At the direction of the General Curator, serve as Aquarium representative to professional agencies, institutions and various committees including: aquarium operations, exhibits, Animal Management Committee, research and safety.
  • Publish and/or present technical and general papers.
  • Attend professional meetings and conferences.
  • Communicate regularly with professional colleagues at other institutions.
  • Keep the General Curator and General Manager informed of department operations and problems.
  • Promote good relations with visitors, volunteers, community and staff.
Department Management
  • Work closely with Veterinarian to ensure the best possible health and well being of the animal collection.
  • Monitor section records on water quality.
  • Monitor animal related records input and maintenance.
  • Work with General Curator to determine needs and make acquisition of all fishes, invertebrates, and herps for the collection.
  • Conduct and supervise research projects.
  • Work with General Curator to plan and implement long and short term goals for section.
  • Work with General Curator to plan and implement new exhibits.
  • Coordinate purchases of food, supplies, and equipment and maintain inventories.
  • Maintain knowledge of industry innovations and new techniques.
  • Acquire and dispose of collection specimens in accordance with the Acquisition/Disposition Policy.
  • Assist with any International, Federal, State and Local permitting processes for specimen acquisition/disposition and assist with all related permit requirements.
  • Serve on the Dive Safety Board.
  • Work with General Curator to develop and review plans for graphics, technical works and publications.
  • Work with General Curator to develop and oversee grants involving the Life Sciences and Exhibit Operations Department.
  • Oversee all aspects of safety within the department.
  • Work with General Curator to review, develop and enforce department policies and procedures
Supervision of Personnel
  • Encourage an atmosphere of professionalism among the staff.
  • Work to ensure staff “ownership” of their prospective exhibits.
  • Supervise aquarist personnel.
  • Oversee staff schedules and department projects and monitor work.
  • Prepare and conduct employee performance evaluations for departmental staff.
Facility Maintenance
  • Constantly improve animal exhibits.
  • Coordinate with facility support departments for the maintenance and operations of life support systems.
  • Work with General Curator to determine performance parameters of life support systems.
  • Work with General Curator to develop policies and procedures for all aspects of water quality and management of exhibits water systems.
Related Strengths
  • Ability to cooperate with other department managers to maintain exhibits and collection in a manner stimulating to the guests.
  • Be knowledgeable in the life histories of animals in the collection.

Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Zoology or related field with relevant course work.  Life experience may be substituted.  Complete knowledge of all phases of animal husbandry programs, systems design, physical life support operations, and exhibit design and display techniques.  Minimum of seven years experience in animal husbandry with a minimum of four years supervisory experience.  Thorough knowledge of the principles of zoology and biology.  Advanced level of S.C.U.B.A. training.  Current member of professional organizations, including AZA.  Proficient in a variety of computer software applications.  Must be organized and self motivating, with an eagerness to complete all projects.  Must be willing to participate in public education and interaction.  Must be prepared to work odd or unscheduled hours.  Must represent Landry’s in a professional manner with all guests.


Subject to the possibility of bites and stings.  Work in water, both man-made and natural.  Heavy lifting (50 pounds or more), walking and working within a wet environment.  Outdoor work on occasion, under a variety of conditions: cold weather, hot weather, rain, mud, ocean environments, and dry land.  Available for overtime, both emergency and non-emergency situations.  On call 24 hours a day.

Experience Required

7 years in aquatic animal husbandry 4 years supervisory experience

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