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Exhibit Lighting Specialist/Exhibit Builder

The National Aquarium
Baltimore, United States Posted: June 11, 2024

Experience with computer-controlled lighting systems setup, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting is required. Qualified candidates should have work experience setting up, programing, operating, and maintaining DMX lighting systems. A working knowledge of computer network protocols (TCP/IP) and network adapter settings is required. Knowledge and experience with DMX over ethernet or networked DMX and associated technologies such as sACN and Art-Net is desirable. Knowledge of a broad range of exhibit lighting types (FL, PC, LED, HID, etc.), and a working knowledge of electricity and electrical circuits is also helpful. Soldering is a must. Comprehension of visible light spectroscopy and color theory is essential.

  • Working knowledge of Macro Programming, ETC EOS, Mosaic Designer or IT Cueserver and other such software is required.
  • 8-10 years of experience in exhibits, theater, architectural or production lighting (or similar field)
  • Assists in maintaining existing live-display components, primarily exhibit lighting but also including some habitat décor and BOH elements.
  • Fabrication duties include sustained and potentially rigorous physical activity under varied site and workshop.
  • conditions, which may involve hazardous materials, working at heights, or other challenges.
  • Participates in product selection, customization, installation, and maintenance of gallery exhibit lighting.
  • Assists in the fabrication and installation of new or renovated interpretive exhibits.
Electrical Soldering
  • Assist with the daily maintenance of the exhibits; including, but not limited to; cleaning fixtures, soldering wires, re-lamping of exhibit lights/panels/boxes, storage, and inventory.
  • May assist in producing working scale models and/or presentation scale models. Bench testing fixtures.
  • Adheres to all institutional safety procedures, which pertain to assigned tasks, proper use of shop tools and routine upkeep of shop spaces and related work sites.
  • Participates in material purchases, maintains accurate financial records of these activities, and works within budget boundaries.
  • Maintains accurate records of specific workload activities.
  • Gather existing site or project related data in the form of organized and legible lists, descriptions, dimensioned sketches/diagrams, etc.
  • Research materials, fabrication methods, techniques, prototyping and testing of lighting, etc., as directed by supervisor(s)
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience/training
  • Communication with outside vendors/technicians and technical assistance.
  • Attention to detail, quality control, thoroughness.
  • Listens well; capable of following detailed instructions.
  • Professionally congenial, cooperative “team player”
  • Appreciation of aquatic species, the natural world, and informal learning
  • Good understanding of lighting design concepts and DMX lighting control
  • Good understanding of electrical and electronic circuits and use of appropriate, related test equipment
  • Good information and data gathering skills, Ability to take good documentation photos, Decent sketching ability.
  • Understanding of applied math and geometry such as fractions, ratios, percentages, decimal equivalents, metric conversions, right-triangle (Pythagorean) geometry, circle geometry, etc.
  • Good mechanical aptitude and superior troubleshooting skills
  • Scissor/Boom lift Certification/experience is highly desirable.
  • Good writing skills, Ability to write clear, concise, and grammatically correct letters, memos, descriptions, etc.
  • Experience with a variety of specialty materials like plastics, composites, metals, etc. is beneficial and a good working knowledge of fasteners, adhesives, and coatings is desirable.
  • Experience with 3D CAD software (such as Solidworks, Rhino, AlibreCAD, etc.) and/or 2D CAD software (such as AutoCAD, ARES, Vector Works, etc.) is a plus.
Experience Required
  • Appreciation of aquatic species, the natural world, and informal learning Candidates are required to submit documentation and/or photos of previous work along with a cover letter describing interest in the position and any unique qualifications.
  • Able to lift a 40lb load.
  • Able to climb a ladder safely and confidently.
  • A current, valid driver’s license A personal cell phone to be used for work related communications (partial reimbursement)
Further Comments
  • Participates in achieving goals and project deadlines set by supervisor; this may include flexibility in schedule to accommodate irregular working hours or pre-approved over-time to accomplish specific tasks/activities.
  • Fully accountable for personal professional behavior, self-direction and supports a team-oriented environment.
  • Must be safe, organized and practice responsible conduct with all shop spaces, tools, materials, institutional vehicles, and personal safety equipment.
  • Participates in departmental SDS accounting and required HAZCOM responsibilities.
  • Medical,
  • Dental,
  • Vision,
  • 401(K) match and More!

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