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Laboratory Technician II (Water Quality Lab Manager)

City Of Virginia Beach - Virginia Aquarium
Virginia Beach, United States Posted: February 02, 2024

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center has an exciting opportunity to contribute to our mission of connecting people to the marine environment and inspiring a more sustainable future. We aspire to be a driver in conservation, education, tourism, and sustainability, leading the charge to save wildlife and their ecosystems.

The Virginia Aquarium's Water Quality Lab Manager
  • Laboratory Technician II effectively manages the daily operations of the water quality lab including laboratory staff, volunteers, and interns by performing the following work functions: 
  • Perform bacteriological and chemical analysis of samples at Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.
  • Perform a variety of routine and non-routine water quality analyses necessary to maintain a healthy animal collection and generate, maintain accurate records to ensure compliance with all required Local, State, and Federal regulations.
  • Develop and maintain a regimen of daily, weekly, and monthly exhibit upkeep including but not limited to cleaning various surfaces and components, ordering and replacement of worn parts for exhibits and equipment, and recommending appropriate equipment purchases and maintenance as necessary.
  • Interpret results of routine and non-routine water quality analyses, develop reporting methods and respond to water quality inquiries from aquarium staff.
  • Work with local citizens to maintain a citizen monitoring program for local waterways including performing water quality analysis, reporting results to citizens, and communicating with participants.
  • Assist supervisor in development of budget.
  • Prepare and perform preventative maintenance on laboratory equipment.
  • Maintain equipment and order all laboratory supplies.
  • Direct the work activities of other water quality lab staff. Assist in training other staff, volunteers and interns.
  • Perform other job duties requiring skills, knowledge and physical requirements as demanded by those duties described or less. Individual assignments will be determined by the supervisor based on then current workloads and department needs.
  • Coordinate meetings with outside agencies to ensure compliance with regulations and resolves situations characterized by non-compliance; prepares accreditation applications for accrediting bodies.
The City offers a generous benefits package such as health,
  • dental and life insurance, retirement, and savings plans. Other key benefits include:
  • Maternity/Paternity and Parental Leave
  • Leave Donation Program
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Professional Development
Experience Required
  • Any combination of education (above the high school level) and/or experience equivalent to six (6) years in fields such as biology, chemistry, or environmental health which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities associated with such positions as Laboratory Technician, Chemist, or Bacteriologist.
  • Must have, or obtain, a current and valid Virginia or North Carolina driver's license in accordance with Virginia or North Carolina DMV driver's license eligibility requirements. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:
  • All employees may be expected to work hours in excess of their normally scheduled hours in response to short-term department needs and/or City-wide emergencies.
  • This position may require that incumbents to wear and maintain appropriate personal protective equipment such as, but not limited to, steel toed shoes, hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, or other safety attire and equipment in designated areas of risk.
  • Specific requirements will be determined and communicated by the employee's supervisor based on position assigned.
Further Comments
  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Biology or related field. Experience working in a state certified laboratory.
  • Experience with animal health water quality in a professional setting.
  • Skill and experience operating technical laboratory equipment.
  • Two (2) years supervisory experience.
  • Experience communicating science to formal or informal audiences.
  • Excellent observation, problem solving and analytical skills.
  • $47,565.90 - $73,727.15

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